Make a Change For The Better

At Dr. Eliana Cohen Psychology, our credibility is the result of our scientific knowledge and strategic approach. Our clients are genuine, creative, and critical thinkers, and as a result, we have deliberately moved away from protocol-based therapies that are standardized, and oversimplify the solution. We work to customize the interventions and our work to fit your specific needs as an individual.

How We Practice

When you work with us, you partake in an interactive, emotionally intimate process:

We see strengths, help you overcome obstacles, and we do not pathologize.

Instead, we support you and we have your back, but we do not minimize or gloss over difficulties that you may be facing. We use a wide range of scientific knowledge, including neuroscience, clinical psychology, performance psychology, cognitive neuroscience, social psychology, and strategic thinking to name a few.

Why We Practice this Way

We believe that people are resilient and that the emotional strength human beings need in order to achieve our goals can be sharpened and learned over time. Peak performance ranges from what happens at work, in sports, and in your everyday relationships. The specialized knowledge that we give you helps you make decisions, develop a plan, and achieve your goals.