Eliana Cohen, Ph.D., C.Psych.

Dr. Eliana Cohen completed her Undergraduate Degree in Clinical Psychology at the Central University of Venezuela (UCV). She also completed the MA-PhD program in Clinical Counselling Psychology at York University.

While completing her Master’s Degree, Dr. Eliana Cohen worked as an intern on an almost full-time basis at CAMH under the supervision of her graduate advisor, Dr. Harvey Brooker, who, at the time, was the Chief of Psychology of CAMH and a tenured professor at York University. During the same time frame, she rotated through various clinical units, completing consultative work, i.e., psychological assessments for patients on inpatient units, including the General Psychiatry Unit, the Mood Disorders Unit, and the Anxiety Disorders Unit. While Dr. Cohen was under Dr. Brooker’s supervision, she worked in collaboration with various psychiatrists, occupational therapists, and vocational counselors, assisting in the care of their patients by completing exhaustive diagnostic testing that covered functional, intellectual, psychological, and neuropsychological assessments for individuals in need of guidance in order to return to work.

Dr. Cohen completed research in childhood attachment and panic disorder with/without Agoraphobia, and participated for more than four years as a student representative on the Ethics Committee of the Ontario Psychological Association. At the time, the Ethics Committee, along with some consultants from across the province, helped develop the first Ethical Guidelines (of any profession) for Custody and Access Assessments.

Upon completion of her Master’s Degree, Dr. Cohen gained full-time employment at the Toronto East General Hospital in the inpatient and outpatient crisis units, as well as the emergency department. In addition to her hospital work, she continued to conduct private work under the supervision of Dr. Brooker, completing a variety of psycho-legal assessments (neuropsychological and psychological) for issues of capacity at the request of the College of Physicians and Surgeons. At CAMH and in private practice, Dr. Cohen was also mentored by Mr. Isaac Smith, conducting independent medical assessments of a neuropsychological nature. She also worked with Dr. Ruth Berman, who was the former CEO of the Ontario Psychological Association, to complete psycho-vocational assessments of injured workers. Dr. Cohen also provided couples and individual therapy at two other private practices.

Over time, Dr. Cohen’s work at Toronto East General evolved into a position in Neuropsychology/Neuroscience. In this post, she conducted consultations at the Psychogeriatric Unit and in Liaison Psychiatry, providing neuropsychological consultations to the various medical floors. In this capacity, Dr. Cohen’s work and that of her supervisor involved providing differential diagnoses in cases of patients who were either acutely medically ill or psychiatrically disordered, thereby assisting the treating physicians with the medical and psychosocial management of the patient.

The Evolution of the Current Practice:

Following a decade at Toronto East General Hospital, Dr. Eliana Cohen set up her private practice on Bloor Street and mentored students for more than 20 years. Her interests at the time were in relationship counseling, couples counseling, and anxiety disorders. In these areas, her interest in brain functioning and neuroscience persisted and motivated every aspect of her therapeutic work.

As Dr. Cohen searched for effective and innovative solutions to help her patients, she broadened her knowledge base by accessing philosophy, business strategy, decision making science, and behavioural economy. Dr. Cohen completed a few business courses at Sloan Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with Harvard affiliated business psychologist Nick Tasler. During that time, Dr. Cohen completed her training in Mindsight (a new model coming out of UCLA that focuses on neuroplasticity and brain training), as well as more education in couple’s therapy under the tutelage of Drs. John and Julie Gottman.

Finally, Dr. Cohen broadened her knowledge base by incorporating performance and sports psychology training into all aspects of her work. In essence, she uses the knowledge base that elite athletes can teach us, and applies it to executives or any clients striving to achieve their best, both in their personal and work lives. Dr. Cohen integrates performance psychology with strategy, emotional intelligence, relationship knowledge, and knowledge of neuroplasticity and the brain.