Is this confidential?

Everything that happens in the course of treatment is strictly confidential. However, there are very few exceptions to the confidentiality rule. If you have specific concerns about confidentiality, do not hesitate to address them during the FREE telephone consultation.

Do you specialize in the area that I need?

At Dr. Eliana Cohen Psychology, we provide a FREE telephone consultation to help us assess if we are able to help you. During this consultation, we will let you know if your needs can be met by our office. If you have needs that fall outside of our area of expertise, we will most definitely let you know and will assist you in finding an alternate referral.

How long does therapy last?


Each person is different and will have different needs. However, we can share with you a few general guidelines:

  • In the case of consultations (for diagnosis or for psychoeducational purposes), one or two sessions might suffice.
  • In the cases of individual therapy, we can provide short-term (3-8 sessions) or long-term psychotherapy.
  • Couples therapy and family therapy are usually processes that start on a weekly basis but then very quickly move to a bi-weekly basis. The length of therapy can vary from short-term to long-term depending on your needs and the level of crisis that the couple/family is facing.

I went to see a therapist who didn’t give me any feedback. Will you provide me feedback?

The main defining feature of our practice is that we actively direct the course of treatment. We provide lots of feedback, give you information to read, and teach you what we know to be true, based on evidence-based research and on our clinical experience. We are not silent, passive therapists.

What is your rate of success?

Rates of success vary according to the difficulties that you are facing. For instance, in the case of anxiety disorders, we have very high rates of success. Other types of difficulties have unpredictable rates of success or lower rates of success. Whatever your case, we will discuss this openly with you if this is a concern.

What are your schedules?

We offer daytime or evening appointments between 10 am and 7 pm. Our latest appointments are available on weekdays only.