Divorce Counseling

The science of couples’ counseling and family therapy can and frequently should be applied to assist couples and families going through a divorce. Statistically speaking, there are two peaks of divorce. The first type of divorce is that of couples who are together anywhere from one to five years. These couples tend to separate due to high conflict in the relationship. The second peak of divorce happens after a decade of marriage, at which point the divorce is more indicative of emotional intimacy and physical intimacy has left the marriage.

Divorce counseling can help address a number of areas:

  1. The decision to divorce or not
  2. A deeper understanding of the dynamics of the relationship and how those will impact the divorce and the people involved (the couple and the children).
  3. How to help yourself transition to the new stage in your life
  4. How to assist the children from the point of announcing the separation to the adjustment to the new life.
  5. How to deal with high conflict situations, legal or parenting issues, and custody and access issues in the best possible way
  6. How to restructure your life and that of your kids.

While divorce counseling can be done with the couple in sessions, alternatives such as individual meetings can be just as helpful in the transition.