Relationship Counseling

The focus of relationship counseling is on figuring out how to improve your relationships, whether you want to improve your relationships at work, home, with your friends, or with your partner.

Unlike family therapy or couple’s therapy, you engage in relationship counseling on your own. The focus is on helping you figure out where you want to go with a specific relationship and how to acquire the necessary skills to improve your relationships.

Often people will use their sessions at Eliana Cohen Psychology to understand the ending of a relationship (determining what went wrong and what can be learned from it) or how to prepare for a new relationship. On the other end of the spectrum, relationship counseling can also help you decide how to terminate specific relationships.

Another frequent focus of our relationship counseling is how to get along with a difficult parent or sibling, or how to heal broken family ties. If you’re a parent, our experts can help you using specifically based knowledge to support you as you try to improve your relationship with your children.

In terms of skills, Eliana Cohen Psychology can also help you improve communication skills, your ability to be assertive, and your ability to offer emotional intimacy. Many of these skills can be applied to romantic relationships, work relationships, and parenting.

Eliana Cohen Psychology has a very strong relational focus because a big percentage of our work deals in couples and family therapy. As such, we have a lot of specialized first-hand knowledge to offer you in this field. We know what does and doesn’t work, so if you’re interested in improving your relationships, give us a call at our Toronto office to schedule an appointment today!