1. The Benefits of Therapy: Part Two

    Dr. Cohen and her team of associates at Dr. Eliana Cohen Psychology are proud to offer a variety of services ranging from individual therapy to mood abuse therapy. If you or a loved one is looking for help through therapy, contact us today to schedule an appointment. Dr. Cohen and her associates are… Read More
  2. The Benefits of Therapy: Part One

    The word “therapy” has developed a negative connotation over the years, despite the research that proves otherwise. At Dr. Eliana Cohen Psychology, Dr. Cohen and her associates work hard to give people the treatment and support that they deserve. We specialize in individual therapy, family and couples therapy, mood disorders, and more. View… Read More
  3. Wheel of Awareness

    The center hub of the metaphoric wheel represents the “knowing” of being conscious, while the elements on the rim stand for the “known” As seen in the diagram, known elements on the external rim include: Our first five sense – what we see, hear, smell, taste and touch What we sense from our… Read More
  4. Loving-Kindness

    There are many different forms of love, for example, an intimate partner, child, friend, family, or other humanity. Each form of love has the fundamental elements of Curiosity, Openness, and Acceptance, which equal Love (COAL) (Siegel, 2010) “Loving-kindness means bringing a COAL state of being present, attuning, and resonating with the person” (Siegel,… Read More
  5. Breath Awareness Instructions

    Breath Awareness Instructions In this summary, we include much of the science that is not usually explained in “regular breath awareness”. More importantly, we emphasize subtle methodological changes that make all the difference in terms of the results you can get from meditation. Please make sure that you read this and implement the… Read More
  6. New Therapist Spotlight: Jennifer Newman

    We’re excited to introduce our newest team member, Jennifer Newman. Jennifer is a PhD candidate in Clinical Psychology. She has received extensive training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and has worked with a wide range of client populations (i.e., adults, adolescents, children, and individuals in conflict with the law) experiencing a number of… Read More