The Most Common Reasons Couples Fight

Fighting in a relationship is to be expected, however, there comes a point where the fighting reaches an unhealthy level and you have to decide how to solve the underlying problems. For those who live in Toronto, Dr. Eliana Cohen and her associates at Dr. Eliana Cohen Psychology are here to help. If you and your partner want to try and work out your issues, assistance from a professional may prove to be beneficial. Dr. Cohen offers couples therapy as well as a variety of other services involving mental and behavioral health. Contact Dr. Eliana Cohen Psychology at 416-800-1326 to schedule an appointment today.

Couples fight, but there are certain topics that couples fight about more than most. In today’s blog, we will cover just a few of the many topics that couples commonly fight about.


There are many different arguments that can stem from the topic of money. One fight might be about who makes more, while another fight might be about how much you or your partner spent on a single item. Everyone has a difference of opinion on how money should be spent and how money should be saved. In fact, in most relationships, there is one person who is more of a saver, and one person who is more of a spender. When it comes to money, it’s only a matter of time before a fight breaks out.


Much like money, the subject of children also spawns many different arguments. Whether or not you want to have kids is usually something people talk about before they get married, however, different events in your life could potentially derail the original plan. If you have trouble having kids, you may argue with your partner over whether or not to try advanced medical procedures, or you may argue over whether or not you should adopt. Another common argument about children is the timing and the number of kids. Most of the arguments couples have about children happen before the child is even born!

Physical Intimacy

Another one of the top reasons couples fight is sex. It’s normal for one person in the relationship to have a stronger sex drive than the other, however, this difference can cause problems in a relationship. If one partner is always pursuing the other, it could cause complications or lead to one partner feeling as though the other partner has unfair expectations. Couples may also argue over whether or not one partner is doing all the work, or certain acts in the bedroom.

A Balance Between Work and Home

Balancing work and home is difficult even for couples who aren’t married. If one partner is a workaholic or has a demanding job, the other partner may start to feel as though they are second to their partner’s job. Eventually, this may lead to arguments about the amount of time you are spending together as a couple.


Cleaning plays a large role in arguments between couples. The main cause for this argument is one partner who feels that they are taking the brunt of the work while the other partner slacks off. Perhaps you like coming home to a clean sink, while your spouse doesn’t mind a small stack of dirty dishes. It’s normal for couples to not agree on the degree of cleanliness in your home, however, a successful marriage involves sharing the work.


If you and your partner have decided to seek couples counseling, contact Dr. Eliana Cohen Psychology. Dr. Cohen, or one of her associates, can sit down with you and your spouse to discuss any issues you are having at home. It’s normal for couples to fight, but if your fighting has reached an unhealthy level and could be threatening your relationship, it may be time to see professional help. Contact Dr. Eliana Cohen Psychology to schedule an appointment for couples counseling today.